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On our Projects page, you'll find a selection of projects our agency has completed for clients across various industries, including Proptech and Fintech. Each project demonstrates our ability to effectively utilize no-code technologies, AI, and ML to create custom applications that improve processes and user experiences. By exploring our portfolio, you can gain insights into the challenges we've addressed, the tools we've used, and the outcomes we've delivered. We encourage you to review our completed projects and consider how our agency can support your business needs with practical solutions.


No-code web application built on

Timekeep is a user-friendly, no-code solution designed specifically for lawyers, aiming to bring transparency and efficiency to the management of billable hours. Built on Bubble, this intuitive application enables legal professionals to seamlessly track, categorize, and report their billable time, reducing the possibility of errors and discrepancies. Its easy-to-use interface streamlines the invoicing process while fostering clear communication with clients, promoting trust and satisfaction. The Timekeep project showcases our ability to develop industry-specific applications that address the unique challenges faced by professionals while enhancing overall productivity and transparency.


No-code web application built on

Buildify is a cutting-edge MLS solution, developed on Bubble, tailored to assist Toronto realtors in discovering and showcasing new constructions. The platform simplifies property searches and consolidates information about new developments, providing realtors with an efficient and comprehensive tool to serve their clients. Its intuitive interface and data-rich presentation make it easy for realtors to highlight the most relevant and attractive features of each property, enhancing the overall client experience. The Buildify project exemplifies our expertise in creating industry-specific applications that address market needs and streamline essential processes for professionals in the real estate sector.


No-code web application built on

SHIP IT DONE is a WMS solution built on Bubble that enables warehouses to manage the input, output, invoicing, and tracking of goods and products. This comprehensive system streamlines inventory management and optimizes productivity, providing real-time insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities. The SHIP IT DONE project exemplifies our proficiency in crafting custom applications that address complex logistical challenges, while showcasing our ability to leverage no-code technologies to deliver industry-specific solutions.

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